Microsoft Releases New Themes For Windows 7

Just after the launch of Windows 7, Microsoft has released a new set of sponsored themes for Windows 7 users. These themes works only with Windows 7. These themes are a part of the Featured Windows 7 Themes Gallery that already also include regional themes.

Windows 7 New Themes

The sponsored themes features brands like Coca Cola, Ferrari, Bing, Ducati, Pepsi, Porsche, Zune and so on. Windows 7 Personalize page now features 34 themes which includes 20 regional themes. You can download these themes at Microsoft’s website.

Google Chrome Adds Artist Themes

Couple of months ago Google added themes for their web browser . However, not many actually like the themes that were available for install. In addition to that the number of available options were pretty limited.

Google today announced a whole lot of new artist themes for Chrome, which will definitely be liked by the masses. There are several themes that are based on celebrities and popular brands.


If you have been waiting to apply themes to Chrome, but did not like the previous lot on offer, go ahead and try out one the new artist themes.

Fast, simple and now stylish: Google Chrome with Artist Themes [Official Google Blog]

Gmail Gets 4 New Themes

Themes in became quite a rage when it was released in November last year, however over a time there were no new addition of themes, though the lot on offer were pretty decent already.

The Gmail team announced today the addition of 4 new fresh themes that you can apply to your Gmail account.

The new themes can be found under the Settings -> Theme tab and include the following introductions.




If you were bored of the already existing themes go ahead and try this out. By the way which is your favorite theme in Google? Mine is the default one.

Four New Themes [Official Gmail & Google Apps Blog]

Google Chrome OS Theme For Windows

OS has been making a lot of noise with fake screenshots cropping up on the internet and going viral, however not many people may have actually seen the OS, other than the internal secret Google army who are building it.


If you are looking to get a similar look and feel for your Windows XP based PC, a designer at Deviant art has come up with a Google Chrome OS transformation pack that can be applied to Windows XP (this did work for us on ).

The theme changes the icons and start menu on the system, however this is not how the Google Chrome OS may eventually look like.

Download Google Chrome OS Theme for XP [via]

iGoogle Adds Comic Themes

Google IG or iGoogle, the popular home page from Google has added some new themes to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Comic-Con.

To celebrate the anniversary Google has unveiled new themes based on popular comic characters like Batman, Iron Man, Peanuts, Dilbert, Nancy, Mutts, Captain America and more.


You can find all the themes in the Comic theme Gallery, when you are browsing the theme, Google displays you with a preview and a little bit of history about the comic character/strip.

Once you decide on a theme you can then apply it to your iGoogle homepage.

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s iGoogle comics themes! [Official Google Blog]

Flock Theme For Firefox

Flock the social networking based fork of Mozilla has a much better interface than , if you are looking to get the same interface to Firefox, you are in luck.

A new experimental theme has been released for Firefox which is based on Flock. The theme looks pretty decent and similar to Flock.


Installing this theme will not bring the social networking features to Firefox, to do that you can check our earlier post: Converting Firefox into a Social Networking Hub.

The theme is compatible with Firefox 3.5.1 and earlier versions.

Download Flock Fox Theme For Firefox

Harry Potter And Half-Blood Prince Personas For Firefox

If you are using Personas, a lightweight skin changer for and are a Harry Potter fan, Warner Bros have released new Harry Potter and Half-Blood prince personas to coincide with the July 15th premier of the movie.

Currently there are 4 personas available in the series, you can see them in action below.

The good thing about using Personas over themes is that you can apply the changes without having to restart the browser.

Harry Potter Half-Blood Prince Persona 1

Harry Potter Half-Blood Prince Persona 2

Harry Potter Half-Blood Prince Persona 3

Harry Potter Half-Blood Prince Persona 4

You will need to install the Personas before you can make use of styles for your browser.

[via Mozilla Links]

Free Orkut Themes

In our earlier posts we had told you about and PageRage a tool to spice-up your Facebook profile. Orkut is another social networking platform popular in India and South America, that we regularly use.

So here are some free themes that will help you spice up your Orkut Profile pages. To start using the themes you will first have to install which can be downloaded from here.

Here is a collection of 50+ Free Orkut Themes neatly segregated into several categories including like, Bollywood actress orkut themes, Bollywood actors orkut themes, Hollywood actress orkut themes, Hollywood actors orkut themes, Hollywood movies orkut themes, sports celebrities orkut themes, popular games orkut themes and miscellaneous orkut themes.

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