Download Windows 7 Theme For Windows XP

Windows 7 has definitely been making lot of waves these days and hopefully Microsoft should not repeat fiascos it had with Vista for its release in June 2009. In the past, we had shared the screenshots of the Windows 7 M3 build and also told you about the Windows 7 customization pack for Windows Vista.

If you are Windows XP user we had told you about the Windows 7 transformation pack for XP, but if you are looking to just get a Windows 7 theme for Windows XP, you are in luck.

windows-7-xp-theme-screenshot-1 windows-7-xp-theme-screenshot-2

A Deviant Art user has released a Windows 7 theme, that can be used for Windows XP.  The theme looks really beautiful and definitely gives Windows XP a much needed facelift.

Download Windows 7 Theme [via Windows 7 Theme]

96 thoughts on “Download Windows 7 Theme For Windows XP”

  1. My vaccines found “Trojan-Spy.Win32.Agent.ehl” in the theme file.
    Is it O.K?

    (vaccines are “K7AntiVirus”, “AntiVir”, “Kaspersky”)

    1. @Krang I ran this against a AVG Scan and SpySweeper can and both of them returned negative results, not sure why it did for you. If anyone else is seeing the same issue please let us know.

    2. Krang, I believe this is a fair scan result because it is basically changing system files.

      It is a good idea to perform a system restore before any major change like this, but this theme is safe — if you make a backup first :)

  2. Not bad. Not bad. Is there any way I can see larger (and more) screenshots? I don’t really want to load it on my XP machine but would love to see a few other pics.

    1. This is exactly why I am hesitant to check this out. I am running Windows XP, but my laptop likely wouldn't support Windows 7 very well. I assume even using themes may be out of the question. I guess it's time for a new laptop soon.

  3. Well, theres 1 thing i have to say about this. if u belive this is windows 7, then i would like u to facepalm into ur own desktop and get vista. this is vista, i can tell u. if u want to check the windows 7 REAL look, go on youtube and search for it ffs

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