Zynga Looking to Acquire OMGPOP, Maker of Draw Something

Zynga, the largest social gaming company in the world with over 245 million active users, may be planning to buy OMGPOP, the maker of the massive new hit – Draw Something.

OMGPOP has been in the news a lot lately; first, because of the insane amount of traction it has been getting with Draw Something, and then because it displaced Zynga by becoming the number one app in terms of daily active users.

“If you can’t beat them, buy them” – Mark Pincus. Probably.

Zynga has a successful track record of acquiring companies to expand its gaming empire, and OMGPOP will be no exception. Zynga is trying to expand rapidly in the mobile gaming space, by launching new games like the “With Friends” series and also be acquiring developers of popular games.

It reportedly even tried to buy Rovio, the creator of Angry Birds, but apparently that didn’t happen.

Techcrunch reports a rumored valuation of $150 to $250 million for OMGPOP, which if true, would be the biggest acquisition by Zynga to date.

Apps like Draw Something could propel Zynga to the top of the mobile gaming charts and make it the undoubted leader in the mobile and social gaming markets.

Zynga has made a lot of right moves in the past. If it is able to make a successful entry in the online gambling market, coupled with its already booming social and mobile gaming businesses, it could be worth more than all other traditional gaming companies combined in the next few years.

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