Zynga Acquires Flock; May Take Social Gaming To A New Level

While is getting billions of dollars as investment, one of it’s success stories Zynga (which is worth $5billion too) is ramping up it’s offerings and buying Flock, the social web browser.


Flock, which was initially written on the Gecko engine from Mozilla and later shifted to Chromium which powers was one of the first browsers which was created specifically for social networking and connecting with people. It now looks like Flock will be a part of Zynga and possibly convert into more of a social and social gaming experience.

TechCrunch has reported the deal and also said that both Google and were interested in buying Zynga, however, not for the browser but for the engineering talent behind it.

Nevertheless, Flock has not been a huge success, so the idea of Zynga buying it does not makes much sense, unless that Zynga is either planning to integrate their social gaming experience into the browser or are going to use the engineering team to build more social games for users.

Zynga is the company behind popular Facebook games such as Farmville and Cityville. The details of the deal is not known, but it should be anywhere between $50-$200 million. We’ll update when more information becomes available.

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