Zoho Adopting HTML5, Gears Is Going To RIP Soon

Zoho, the creator of online office products and business products have decided to adopt HTML5 to store offline data and do away with Google Gears. This decision was based on the decision by Google to retire Google Gears, the technology that allows websites to store data offline so that a user could access content even while they were not connected to the Internet.


HTML5, the newest standard for browsers has not been ratified yet by the W3C, however, it includes features which will allow web browsers to interact with offline data from a web browser. This is possible through a feature in HTML5 called offline webapps (W3 Specs), which allows browser based applications to create a database and store and retrieve data from it.

However, don’t expect these features to be made available quickly, since it might take a while to test the new changes, and also for web browsers to completely adapt to the changes in HTML5. Most of the major browsers available today are not 100% HTML5 compliant. However, most of those under development are.

And last but not the least, we will shortly say goodbye to Google Gears, one of the most interesting technology created by Google soon, however, older browsers will still require users to use Google Gears, so until then, users will have to rely on it.

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