Zoho Calendar Moves Out of Beta

Zoho the creators of the online productivity suite have just announced that Zoho Calendar has moved out of beta stage. Zoho Calendar is packed with features and also supports third-party calendars such as Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.


The new features in Zoho Calendar include:

  • Support for multiple calendars and integration with other Zoho Apps
  • Calendar sharing feature supports multiple access levels, from viewing free/busy times to creating and editing events
  • Calendar subscriptions provide bi-directional support with Google Calendar and other third-party calendars
  • Calendar embedding options with templates support is added for public calendars

Raju Vegesna, Zoho evangelist said: "Several Zoho Apps need calendaring functionality. We wanted to create a calendar that is one of the best in the market first, and then integrate that with other Zoho Apps. We believe we created a solid application now. We’ve added a number of integration points to Zoho Calendar, so users with multiple online calendars can gain a single, unified view of their overall schedule with Zoho Calendar".

Zoho Calendar packs in a lot of interesting features which allow users to Import calendar, embed them on other websites and also synchronize them with Microsoft Outlook and more. Zoho Calendar also supports natural languages, which means that you can simply type "Lunch meeting today at 2PM" and it will create an event for you in your calendar. Here is a list of all the features included in Zoho Calendar.

  • Multiple Calendars Users can create and manage multiple calendars that are automatically color coded
  • Share calendar Users can share their calendars with other users, granting them different levels of access, including the ability to view free/busy times, view calendar events with details, and create and edit events.
  • Subscribe to calendar Users can subscribe to calendars from other Zoho applications as well as third-party calendars, including Google Calendar. As a result, events on those calendars will display in Zoho Calendar. Subscription (iCal) support is bi-directional, so users may display Zoho Calendar events in third-party calendars. Zoho Calendar also has built-in holiday calendars for 30 countries which users can subscribe to.
  • Import calendar Users can import calendars from specific URLs such as sports or entertainment calendars. By copying and pasting the URL for the calendar file into Zoho Calendar, the associated events will display in Zoho Calendar.
  • Embed calendar Users can embed their calendar in multiple sites. Zoho Calendar includes several, customizable templates that let a user display a modified version of his or her calendar on a website or blog.
  • Agendaview In addition to day, week, work week, and month views, Zoho Calendar offers users an agenda view which lists all events for the current quarter. Users can also scroll through past and future quarters.
  • Plugin for Microsoft Office The Zoho Calendar Plugin for Microsoft Office establishes bi-directional synchronization of events in multiple Microsoft Outlook calendars and in Zoho Calendar.
  • Mobile Access Zoho Calendar is optimized for all standard mobile browsers.
  • Natural Language Processing Zoho Calendar allows users to create events by typing in natural language. The Calendar is smart in processing the text and adding the event automatically. Ex: Typing an event like Dinner tomorrow at 7pm’ will add an event in your calendar automatically.

Users can sign up for a free account with Zoho Calendar by visiting this link.

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