YouTube Testing "Watch Later" Feature For Videos

I come across several articles everyday which are interesting to read, but cannot at that moment, due to lack of time. Thanks to services such as Instapaper, I am able to save that webpage URL and read it at a later time from anywhere. Of course, I could do that for pages with videos too, however, not the videos directly.

YouTube Watch Later

Today, I came across an interesting discovery on where they seem to be testing a new feature which will allow users to watch a video later on by queuing it to their profiles using a “Watch Later” option. The “Watch Later” option is seen as an overlay on the video itself.

YouTube Watch Later Clicked

When I clicked on “Watch Later”, nothing out of the ordinary happened, except for + sign disappearing from the box. However, I looked high and dry through my YouTube profile but could not find the location where the video was saved so that I could watch it at a later time. I believe that Google is basically just testing this feature out right now to see how many people are keen on using it.

I will keep digging around and update this post when I come across more information on this and where the “Watch Later” videos are actually saved.

YouTube Watch Later Store

Update: It looks like Google is testing this for couple of days now. I saw a post on YouTube forums and Yahoo Answers on this topic. I also found that the new YouTube homepage does not seem to show you the “Watch Later” videos. However, if you switch back to the old homepage, you will see the video as seen in the screenshot above.

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