YouTube Video Rentals Now Available

We told you earlier about 3 Idiots becoming available on YouTube for a legal download. Now it seems like the official YouTube video rental store has been launched at You can use the store to rent movies and TV shows for a specific price ($0.99 to 419.99) and be able to watch them for upto a pre-defined limit (usually 24 hours).

The store already contains a number of movies (lots of Bollywood), documentaries, popular TV shows, biographies and even some educational videos. Most of the TV shows include information about the air date and even the number of views the videos have received. Before renting out a video, you can watch a 2 minute preview to see the video quality. You do need a YouTube account to use the rental service. Payments are made through Google Checkout.

YouTube Rental Store

If you need help with the service, YouTube has a separate support platform. The service does not currently allow you to download videos, but you can play it as much as you want during the allotted 24 hours. Another catch is that YouTube rentals are only available to US users right now. Plus, like every good video rental store if you were unable to play a video due to a technical issue, you can claim a refund by filling out this form.

It is interesting to see that some of the videos can be rented out for an unlimited period of time which means you’ll have access to them forever. Any organization with authentic videos that have a demand can become a YouTube partner and start renting out videos online. There is no fixed fee for listing but YouTube shares the revenue with you.

Do you think this model will work for YouTube? Also, with so many streaming movies available at Netflix for a fixed price, why would somebody pay-per-video to watch the videos on YouTube?

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