YouTube to Get Original Programs with $100 Million Backing From Google

Google has planned to create twenty original channels on YouTube with a budget of $100 million. This is probably the biggest overhaul to YouTube. With a lucrative advertising system already in place, this plan will generate some serious revenue, as original content is always welcome. The programs showcased by YouTube will be exclusive online and will be optimized for the web.
It is not clear until now whether Google will create the content of those videos as well. Google might visit some Hollywood production houses, now that it has already talked to talent agencies. Clearly, Google has big plans for YouTube here. With Google TV and other Internet capable set-top boxes in place, something big is in store and more of it will be announced soon.

Television broadcasting has always been a monopoly of cable services original shown on YouTube will change this scenario. This leaves scope for picking up programs that were originally abandoned on cable television. Additionally, Google will help bring more artists into business with its programs.

For a company that understands content and the web so well, these channels and their programs will take off quite well. This opens a new door of opportunities for Google, which will also allow it to focus and experiment more with original video-content.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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