Youtube Leanback: Youtube For Google TV

TV sets  equipped with Google TV  will soon be available. One of the things which has everybody guessing is how Google plans leverage the power of Youtube to lure users to  Google TV, or rather how online video will finally converge with network programming on your TV.

With Youtube Leanback, you can finally have a glimpse of the future. It is available for both, Youtube Users and Google TV users. You can also try it out on your browser at

It has a nice interface which can easily be controlled with a TV remote. You can either search for videos or view your personalized feed of videos. It also allows you to view sections like “Best of Youtube”, Comedy, Entertainment, Film and Animation, Gaming, Music, News, Technology, Sports etc.

It also supports Ads now; so expect Google’s next quarter to be even better.

Youtube Leanback

Just lean back on your couch, and try out Youtube Leanback. It’s good.

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