YouTube To Drop Support for IE6 on March 13th

Internet Explorer 6 has been a pain, not only for users who use it, but also for developers and website owners alike. In fact there have been many campaigns to abolish the worst browser which is still in use existence (dinosaurs died, but no one could kill IE6, YET!!) for quite sometime.

However, those campaigns have not been as successful as people thought, and now larger websites have started to take a different approach, that of stopping support for Internet Explorer 6 and other unsafe browsers.

YouTube Internet Explorer Interstitial

According to TidBits, is planning to drop support for Internet Explorer 6 on March 13th, along with Firefox and lower versions on Mac OS X. Users who use unsupported browsers will start seeing an interstitial as shown in the screenshot above.

A YouTube FAQ says that even though Google will stop supporting older browsers, users who use them will still be able to watch videos, however, they will not be able to enjoy the latest technologies that YouTube engineers develop for other superior browsers. Also, this is the second product for which Google is officially dropping support for IE6. Earlier this month, Google also announced that they will be dropping IE6 from the list of browsers which will be supported by Gmail and Google Calendar.

This is definitely good news, as IE6 has become a pain and a thorn for developers and designers alike, and adds to the level of work one has to do as compared to the newer and far more superior browsers. However, in my opinion, it is high time that users switch from IE6 to a more powerful browser, for their own internet safety.

Huge players dropping support would at-least get users to switch to a better browser, not for the developers comfort, but at-least for their own security. Let’s get rid of this menace called IE6 once and for all. What do you think?

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  • danna

    IE6 gets a lot of stick for incorrect displays etc but the reality is that while IE6 has a lot of shortcomings it actually refuses to display many layouts incorrectly. for example, creating a number of columns that are too wide for their containing element simply wont work in IE6 whereas newer browsers allow for the error. therefore, IE6 is actually displaying the content correctly, or in the way it has been coded, whereas the other browsers will display incorrectly allowing for user/designer error. this is bad practice for ensuring design standards compliance. that said, IE6 has some very stupid quirks, but dont all the browsers?

    i would like to see the IE6 method of displaying layout WITHOUT errors being allowed, and combine this with 'modern' browser security and technological capabilities.