Your AT&T Voicemail is Open to All

AT&T has too many embarrassments to live with. Another one just was added to this list with a security problem in voicemail. Apparently, it is extremely easy to gain access to AT&T voicemail using an Android phone. Do not believe me? Read on.

We have all heard of IP address spoofing. Well, there is also something called Caller ID spoofing. This lets you gain access to any voicemail over an AT&T network. There is an app, which lets you spoof your caller ID number and lets you place a call to the voicemail posing as someone else.

What is even more interesting is that AT&T knows about the problem and is giving lame instructions putting several customers at risk. The official response on this says,

AT&T is committed to providing secure access to your voicemail. Your voicemail service is set up for fast access to voicemail and does not require a password when checking voicemail from your wireless device.

We are aware of companies that offer spoofingtechnology, which enables others to gain unauthorized access to wireless voicemail accounts that are not protected by a password. If you are concerned about unauthorized access to your wireless voicemail account, we recommend you add a password to your voicemail account.

Thus, according to AT&T they are providing a fast access to the voicemail without using a password. AT&T is already losing tech-savvy customers to Verizon. It is time AT&T changes this attitude towards its customers.

Thanks to kdawson for sharing this on Slashdot.

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