You Can Now Borrow/Lend Kindle Books

Amazon has finally decided to give users more authority over books they purchased for their Kindle. Users can now lend eligible Kindle books to their friends for a term of 14 days. Not every book can be loaned right now, the  privilege  comes from the author and/or the publishers. During the loan period, the original user would not be able to access or read the book.

The recipient, who is borrowing the book, does not need a Kindle device to read the book since these books can also be read through the Kindle apps for PC, MAC, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone and Android. To lend the book, go to book’s product detail page on and enter the name, email address and an optional message for the borrower. If you are the borrower, you have to accept the book loan within 7 days or the request will be cancelled. Once accepted, you have 14 days to enjoy the book.

Here is something to remember though, the loans can only be initiated from within US. The borrowers, if they are present internationally, can only accept the loan if the title is available in their respective country. However, in this case, it may take 7 days for the lender to get back rights to his book. Amazon has more details on how to lend the book, how to accept the loan and some additional explanations.

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