Yet another feature, which I liked about GMail

Web based email clients like Gmail have a huge advantage that you can log in to your email account just about from anywhere. From your office, home, cyber cafe, your friend’s home, just about everywhere.

But that facility exposes you to a huge risk. Suppose you forgot to log out. Anybody can access your account and all your correspondences are exposed. Since emails are nowadays extensively used for password retrievals, you can only imagine how much damage this small mistake can cause you.

Gmail has a very useful feature to protect you against this mistake. If you carefully see at the bottom of your Gmail windows, you will find a link, which shows you the details of your last login and the IP address from where you have logged in. See screenshot below.


If you click on the Details, then a window like the following will open, which will let you know about the activities which have recently happened to your Gmail account.


And if, your Gmail account is open in any other system, then you are also given the following link.

This account is open in 1 other location at this IP (   Last account activity: 0 minutes ago.  Details

Click on “Details” link to see which all systems you account is logged on.

This seems to be a useful feature.

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