Yahoo Gets Back In the Game, Tops Visitor Count for January

Yahoo has seen a sudden increase in traffic for the month of January which might have a potential of bringing it back in business. For a company that was going to sell out, Yahoo held up pretty strong and the increase in traffic has happened across all Yahoo services, not just the website.


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According to reports by ComScore and as pointed out by CNN, Yahoo received

178.9 million unique U.S. Web visitors last month, according to research firm ComScore, barely besting Google’s 178.5 million unique users. Microsoft’s sites came in third place, attracting 176.8 million unique users. Facebook and AOL rounded out the top five with 153 million and 111 million unique visitors in January, respectively.

All these three companies shared similar performance stats. However, when it comes to ad reach, Google was able to reach out to 93.1% of users while Yahoo was following at 85.5%. Surprisingly, Facebook was a top ten company when it came to ad reach. Although this data cannot be projected to the future, we can analyze the reason for this surge in January.

The reason is cited as an increase in the traffic for tax-preparation sites and travel-enthusiasts. This is a highly seasonal reason for traffic and Yahoo is clearly a favorite amongst these two categories of users. Another seasonal traffic is the increase in Facebook visitors in the month of December. Either way, overtaking Google is something of a feat for Yahoo, even if the traffic is seasonal.

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