Yahoo to Offer “the Cloud” to The Public Soon

Yahoo has revealed its plans to open source the cloud based platform it currently uses for its own internal applications earlier next year. This part of the storage is known by the name of “The Cloud” internally in Yahoo and it serves pretty much all the yahoo apps.

The Cloud here, offers a mix of features from Amazon EC2 and Google App engine. It allows us to have an improved security and has dedicated servers for specific tasks like load balancing.

Google App engine also offers a similar feature but it is close sourced properly and puts a tight restriction on apps for using this platform. Apps are limited to use 30 seconds requests or to return more than 10MB of data at a single API call.

Amazon EC2 is also similar to Google Apps platform but there is an Open Source project already available to make use of their API.

Yahoo is about to change this by open-sourcing the complete backend.

If and once this open-sourcing becomes a hit, Yahoo will get back in business and make itself a reigning territory. The real challenge here is developing apps and finding companies who will take part in this experiment with Yahoo.
(Via: The Register)

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