Yahoo Shutting Down Delicious?

Yahoo has been shutting down tons of its products including MyBlogLog and Geocities and also laying off employees to restructure the organization. However, there is some buzz going around that Yahoo might be shutting down Delicious, one of the most popular bookmarking services in the world.


As you can see from the image above, Yahoo has clearly marked Delicious as one of the products in the Sunset section along with MyBlogLog and Yahoo! duds like Yahoo! Buzz and Yahoo! Bookmarks. If the above image is a true reflection of what Yahoo thinks about their products, then they should seriously start looking at the usage statistics.

Closing Delicious could be one of the biggest mistakes made by Yahoo and there is no way that regular users are going to take this news lightly. I for one am appalled at the way Yahoo is dealing with this.

(Image via @waxpancake  h/t @ginatrapani)

5 thoughts on “Yahoo Shutting Down Delicious?”

  1. Favbot offers automatic import and free hosting for Delicious bookmarks. Once imported, you can use your bookmarks just like before except for the small change in the url

    You should check out the other features of Favbot too : – it makes manual bookmarking obsolete, actually. The tool automatically bookmarks for you. It even crawls the links you shared on Twitter etc.

    I’m curious to know what you think about it.

  2. So, the guys who started delicious sold it to yahoo and then went on to do twitter, right? and yahoo manages to take yet another success and burn it to the ground. amazing!

  3. Yep this means creating a bookmark site for users to have other alternatives.

    I am a web developer and will look into this. Bookmarking site idea is nothing new or a genius idea but if the application is done right there can be another popular delicious app.

    If users are interested for other alternatives let me know at [email protected]. If i get a good community on my back I will create one.

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