Yahoo Redesigning The Most Famous Homepage

I have been using Yahoo for 10 years now, and my first ever email was sent using Yahoo Mail, along with the famous Yahoo Chat rooms which were addictive at that time. I remember having to pay Rs. 50 back then to access the Internet for just an hour. But gradually over the years, I have shifted more towards using Google services for ease of use and simplicity.

Over the last 10 years Yahoo has done some major redesigns to their home page, and they are in the process of rolling out another homepage redesign shortly.

yahoo-old-homepage yahoo-new-homepage

The new homepage will focus more on apps, which would include pulling in mail from Gmail and AOL.

Thus, making a success of its new design is critical and Yahoo’s CEO Jerry Yang has been touting the idea that Yahoo must be the starting pointto the Web for users.

Yahoo has high hopes on the new redesign and they definitely need to estranged users like me to back where we started from, and we definitely hope that they work and improve their products too, currently I despise Yahoo Mail as it has the worst spam filter one could ever have. Hopefully this redesign should be a starting point for them to woo users back.

The design will go live tomorrow US time. Check the official announcement at Yahoo Biz. What is your opinion of the new design? Do you like it or hate it? Do let us know.

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