Yahoo News Finally Switching to an Algorithm from Human Editors

Yahoo news is respected for the fact that it has human editors. News on Yahoo is always of higher quality and relevance. On the other hand, Google uses an algorithm to add content to its News service and as we know, the algorithm does not care much about the quality and relevance of the news.

This is the exact reason why Yahoo News has been acclaimed more often that Google News. However, the task of manually picking up news is tedious in itself and this is why Yahoo has finally decided to switch to an automated system for this tasks.

JEREMY W. PETERS at NY Times writes,

For as long as hot lead has been used to make metal type, the model for generating news has been top-down: editors determined what information was important and then shared it with the masses.

However, with the advent of technology that allows media companies to identify what kind of content readers want, that model is becoming inverted.

The new algorithm Yahoo will use will be based on search queries. People all over the Internet will monitor these search terms and send them to the editors when they are on a rise. Yahoo is using a considerable amount of crowdsourcing here to generate its news. The participation on users in this process will help make the content more appealing to readers. This makes for a perfect combination of human and computers aiming to achieve a unified goal.

NY Times calls this a “democratic style” of reporting news where the content is of the people, for the people and by the people. The idea looks promising on paper. However, how it fares against other news services cannot be predicted.

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