Yahoo Messenger Adds Support To Import Contacts From FaceBook

If you are a Yahoo messenger user, you must have already been introduced to the import contacts options in quite sometime back, the import function supports importing contacts from various websites like GMAIL, Hotmail / MSN, MySpace, Orkut, Comcast and more.

In addition to the already existing domains today Yahoo has added a option to import contacts from FaceBook, this option is available when you choose Import Contacts > Contacts from the Yahoo Messenger menu.


The service for retrieval is powered by TrueSwitch a company that deals with migrating data from one ISP to another.

Disclaimer: I am a developer working for Esaya Inc, the parent company of TrueSwicth.

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  • Shawkat


    Every time I try to use this option it gave me an error message saying we can’t import your contact now , try within a few hours later

    Please advise , what to do , noting that I use the web service on Yahoo web page on Safari on my MAC

  • brafly

    Any idea when the reverse functionality will be available; i.e. Facebook having the ability to find people you IM using Yahoo IM? Facebook can already do this for AIM and Windows Live Messenger.

  • yerapathi

    After downloading Yahoo Msg Ver 10 and tried to import contacts from Facebook, I am not able to see the facebook check mark, i can see the other websites available for import but not facebook!!

  • zahid

    @yerapathi dats rite ….with yahoo msnger 10 u cant import contacts

  • There is No option of Facebook in yahoo messenger 10 !

  • HR

    my new yahoo messenger dont display facebook

  • I just tried this and it works like a charm.
    How do you guys import emails from FB contacts? It's not allowed currently by the FB API?
    Any thoughts/advice?

  • You can import your Facebook contacts to Yahoo Messenger 10. Here's what you do. Open up your internet browser and log-in to Facebook. Go into your Yahoo Inobox via your Internet browser by opening up another tab or page. Click on "Contacts" in the left panel. You will see a "Tools" button with a downward pointing arrow. Click on that and go down to "Import". Click on Facebook. Another page will open saying "Do you want to share your contacts with Yahoo!?". Click "Okay". Yahoo will now begin importing your contacts from Facebook. Depending on how many friends you have on Facebook, this may take a few minutes. Yahoo will say "Done" when it completes the import. After it has imported the contacts, go to Yahoo Messenger. Click on "Contacts" and click on "Import Contacts". Make sure "Yahoo! Mail / Address Book" is checked and click "Continue". Yahoo Messenger will now begin the import process. Click "Continue" again. Then you can either invite the people you want to invite to Yahoo Messenger or leave the checks blank and click "Continue". Click close, and you're done. Your Facebook contacts who have Yahoo Messenger are now in your Yahoo Messenger list. It's up to your contacts if they want to accept you as a IM Contact though.

    • LC

      it dosent work if you have too many friends on facebook….i have 2000 contacts, and it dosent seem to work…Ive tried many times, just comes up with an error, but i did it with another friends account with 150 friends and it worked…any ideas?

      • Bleak

        I agree. 3500 friends and Yahoo mail only imported 600 of my contacts!? WHY? Have not been able to find single post on the www that explains this!

  • hahaha

    How come there is no option to transfer Facebook contacts in my account? :-(

  • mehedi misuk

    plz add facebook to my yahoo messenger