Yahoo Mail To Add RSS Reader To Deadpool [Two In A Row Now]

After the earlier news of Yahoo deciding to  Yahoo Messenger for Vista, we have some more bad news for Yahoo Mail users who have been using the built-in RSS reader to read their favorite feeds.


The Yahoo Mail blog broke the news that Feeds will no longer be available in the new Yahoo Mail and is going to join the deadpool.

Though I have never used the in-built RSS feeds in Yahoo mail, I am pretty sure many users have become used to it, and it like the couple of deadpools from Yahoo today, we are wondering how many more will be scraped off.

Yahoo does not have a great reputation of pursing projects to the core like which have completed most of their projects they have worked on, what with they dumping projects one after another, remember Yahoo Mash?

Also another problem with Yahoo has been the fact that create projects that internally compete with each other, for example their social networking platform 360 and Mash.

Though these last couple of announcements did not exactly mean that they are mending their ways with regards to competing applications, we are definitely going to see a few more deadpools from them.

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