Yahoo Mail To Get Applications Support And A Smarter Inbox

Yahoo! Mail service has been around for ages, and they have definitely made huge changes over the simple mailbox we were all used to 10 years ago. However they have been working harder to make things better for users, however I am still not very comfortable using Yahoo! mail, considering the amount of spam that bypasses their filters.


The spam issue aside, the Yahoo Mail blog announced the launch of a smarter mailbox which has been released to a very small set of users.

The smarter inbox experience features a new Yahoo! Mail Welcome Page which surfaces messages, information and activity updates you care about most, as well as an updated inbox and folder view that filters messages from your personal connections.

yahoo_smarter_inbox_xoopit yahoo_smarter_inbox_flixster

In addition to that, Yahoo Mail smarter Inbox will also include support for third-party applications that will allow users to integrate their favorite services like , Flixster, Yahoo Greetings and Xoopit a service that indexes attachments and allows you to browse images that have been stored in your email account.

Integration of applications is definitely a good news, since managing multiple applications from one account is definitely a growing trend. However only time will tell how good the changes are.

What do you think about the new changes in Yahoo Mail? Do share your views and experiences.

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