Yahoo Makes It Easier to Find Photos in Yahoo Mail with Photos App

In the last one year, I have neither sent any emails to a Yahoo recipient, nor I can hardly remember anybody who still uses Yahoo. I honestly dont know if my Yahoo account is still functioning, or has been already deleted due to inactivity. Anyways, for those who are still using Yahoo, the company has introduced a new feature called the Photos app for its browser based email site, Yahoo Mail.

In a blog post, Yahoo announced the addition of Photos app that is designed to locate all your photos in your Yahoo Mail at one single place. The app automatically sorts out and displays all the photos that were sent and received from the beginning to date. The arrangement of photos can be customized and can be sorted by date, sender, or file size.

All these photos will be available in one centralized box, from which you can instantly share them with your friends, or even have them exported to Flickr.

Yahoo Mail Director of Product Management, Miriam Geller writes –

Yahoo! Mail makes it super simple to find and share those treasures with our new Photos app. The Photos app aggregates all of the photos in your inbox that you ve ever sent or received during the entire life of your email account. You can see thumbnails of all the photos and filter by date, sender, folder and size.

If you are not a Flickr user, Yahoo provides you an option to create an account on Flickr instantly (Really? Is that how you plan to get back Flickr users? Sigh!) Additionally, if you are an avid Flick user, you can see your entire Flickr photostream right into your Yahoo! Mail.

Here is a video explaining the new Photo app:

Yahoo Mail Photos App

The key features of the built-in Photos app in Yahoo Mail are:

  • Kiss goodbye to searching – Find all your photos in one place.
  • Send and share with your friends easily and instantly. Email your photos with one click or upload them to Flickr
  • Sort and organize your photos easily – Sort photos and attachments by sender, date, size or file type
  • Locate the associated email containing the photo (attachments), including the person who originally sent it.

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