Yahoo Mail Adds Themes Support, Multiple Attachment Uploads and Calendar and Notepad

Remember Yahoo Mail? Yes, the same Yahoo! Mail which was one of the best email service at a point of time? Well, Yahoo Mail is basically revamping their whole UI to add support for themes and also bringing back the Calendar and Notes feature to the main interface.

Yahoo Mail Themes

Yahoo! Mail has introduced a host of new themes, which users can use to customize the look and feel of the email interface. Right now, Yahoo provides users with a choice of 12 themes. In addition to adding support for themes, Yahoo has also brought back the Calendar and Notepad and integrated it with the email interface. Yahoo Mail users can also upload multiple attachments at once by using the Ctrl, Shift or Command key to select files you want to upload.

If you are a socially savvy person, you can now catch up on all your social networking updates from sites like and in a new tab specifically created for social network updates.

One thing I did not like about the new Yahoo Mail Beta is that they have made it hard to find the Options and Themes features. They have clubbed everything under a menu item called Help, which is totally misleading. Unless a user clicks on the Help link he will not be able to find Options etc.

All these new features are available as part of Yahoo Mail! beta, you will be shown an option to try out the new beta. If you don’t see it, just head over to to try it out.

More at the Official Yahoo Mail Blog.

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