Yahoo Briefcase Shutting Down on March 30 2009, Backup Your Files Now

We are not sure if many of you are even aware of Yahoo Briefcase, a popular file storage service from Yahoo, which never really took off, however Yahoo Briefcase has been one of the oldest online file storage service and many users still have files in their accounts as of today.


Yahoo Briefcase provided users with 30MB of free space, which wouldn’t fit more than a few files today, however back in the day, those free 30MBs were definitely quite a lot.

Yahoo Briefcase is going to join the soon and will be closing down on March 30th 2009, we wanted to remind our readers to download and your data, on or before that date, if you do not want to lose the data hosted at Yahoo Briefcase.

The information about the closure has been circulated through a mass email to users, content of which can be seen in the image below.


Ironically this is not the first Yahoo service that is being shut down, and neither will it be the last, according to the trends from the big three Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, they have been creating new services at a faster pace, and have been shutting down quite a few too along the line.

If you are a Yahoo Briefcase user, act fast and download your files, before they are permanently deleted with this service.

2 thoughts on “Yahoo Briefcase Shutting Down on March 30 2009, Backup Your Files Now”

  1. One more closing in the line….

    In my opinion, this is not going to be the big issue. Coz, most of us started using the alternates like Flickr/Picasa for photos, Skydrive for filesharing, etc.,

    Services are being closed, only because we have better alternates… :)

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