Yahoo Australia Acquires Sports Tipping Site OzTips

Looks like by 2013 or 2014 Yahoo will turn to become a news portal than a web portal it is right now, with the acquisition of Associated Content they set of a trend (read juicy details here), however, it looks like they are moving into other countries too.

Yahoo!7 or the Australian arm of Yahoo has acquired a Australian sports site OzTips is Australia’s largest online sports tipping website and allows users to tip about games by creating private leagues among a set of people.

With the acquisition of OzTips, Yahoo!7 sports doubled their audience and are now the number 1 publisher for sports site in Australia.

Yahoo will acquire 100% of the stake in OzTips from their parent company NextGen.Net Pty Ltd by July, however Financial details are unavailable right now.


So all you Aussies next time you visit OzTips, you will see not see their familiar logo but the one in the screenshot above.

More info at the official Yahoo!7 Sport blog.

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