Yahoo Acquires Xoopit, Should Gmail Users Run?

In a surprising news PC World reports that has acquired Xoopit the popular that brought social photo management to .

Sometime back Yahoo had integrated Xoopit into their application gallery, allowing users to find all their photo and video attachments in a simple interface.


However the more interesting question that arises now is what is Xoopit or Yahoo going to do about the add-on for Gmail?

Remember that Xoopit requires users to share their username and passwords for Gmail in order to work. Would Xoopit feel comfortable with sharing that information with Yahoo, would Yahoo use the user information to poach Gmail users?

Another question is that will Yahoo continue to allow users of Gmail to make use of a product they own for free?

Lot’s of question arises out of this acquisition and many are surprised that Gmail did not make a move on them.

However we definitely think that Xoopit will stop support for Gmail users, or completely pull off the product.

What do you think? Are you using Xoopit in Gmail? Will you stop using it? What will your reaction be if Xoopit stops support for Gmail users? Let us know about it.

One thought on “Yahoo Acquires Xoopit, Should Gmail Users Run?”

  1. I don’t use them. But the best proposition for them is to continue the service for Gmail users. it is kinda our-spy-on-their-side feeling. Whether it is market-viable is another question.

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