XAuth: A New Social Sharing Service To Take On Facebook Connect

With 400 Million users and a FacebookConnect button on thousands of websites, Facebook is slowly monopolizing the way people do social sharing. Not any more. Meebo, the company behind Meebo Bar and web-based chat platform is introducing a new way for people to share links.

Instead of giving users 10, 15 or 20 top social bookmarking sites to choose from, XAuth will find out what services the site visitor uses and prompt them to log-in so they can share stuff with friends on those networks. It completely eliminates the need to guess is visitors to a site would be more interested in Digg or Reddit or StumbleUpon. What makes XAuth seriously competitive to FacebookConnect is the fact that Google, MySpace and Yahoo! have already joined in.


This is how XAuth would work. When a visitor comes to Techie-Buzz, XAuth will ping all participating social networks like MySpace and Yahoo! and Google Buzz to see which of these services are used by the visitor. Whichever services return a positive reply, will be displayed to the user. For Meebo, it provides another opportunity to display more ads and make some money. For other networks who will opt-in, it will just provide a way to counter the growing share of FacebookConnect on social sharing.

There are ofcourse privacy implications because not every user would want every website in the world to know what social networks it uses. For example, if a NSFW or adult website implements the XAuth system, it can also get information about the social networks you use, something most of the people would not like due to privacy concerns.

[Image Credit: VentureBeat]

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