WWDC 2011 Sold Out in 10 Hours; Apple Pockets $8 Million

Apple’s annual developer conference – WWDC 2011 (Worldwide Developer Conference) was announced just yesterday, with a very hefty price tag of $1599 for tickets.

In less than 10 hours, it has already been fully sold out. At 5000 tickets, for $1599 each, Apple has made close to $8 million on WWDC tickets alone. Compared to WWDC 2010, which was sold out in 8 days, this is very fast.

Google had recently announced that its I/O 2011 event was sold out in exactly an hour. While most people who bought I/O tickets were scalpers and those did it to get the “free” Android phone which Google normally gives away at its I/O events, which is more expensive than the entry fee of $450, the developers who attend WWDC are generally Apple fans and those who truly are interested in the technical sessions. Being sold out completely at $1599 in less than 10 hours with no such “incentive” is no mean feat.

Apple is expected to unveil iOS 5, OS X Lion and will hold “more than 100 technical sessions presented by Apple engineers on a wide range of technology-specific topics for developing, deploying and integrating the latest iOS and Mac OS technologies”. WWDC 2011 could also see the launch of the iPhone 5, going by historical trends.

Apple WWDC 2011

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