On Film: Picking the World’s Most Haunting Photos

There are images which speak a million words — or which simply shut you up. Some shake you to the core and some just leaves you with a feeling that you’ve never experienced before and perhaps never will again. Photography — that wordless medium of expression. Photography — that capture of a moment of reality that you might never have otherwise noticed. Photography — a medium that you’ll fall back on when words simply run out!

On the occasion of World Photography Day, I present a compilation of 14 photos that have presented to me a different facet of life, in either some obscure part of the world or somewhere quite familiar. The characters are supreme; the personal touch can warm your heart; the impersonal can horrify you; all of this will definitely imprint themselves on your mind.

Click on any of the photos to reveal a bigger version, alongwith a short description.

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Debjyoti Bardhan

Is a science geek, currently pursuing some sort of a degree (called a PhD) in Physics at TIFR, Mumbai. An enthusiastic but useless amateur photographer, his most favourite activity is simply lazing around. He is interested in all things interesting and scientific.