On Film: Picking the World’s Most Haunting Photos
By on August 18th, 2012

There are images which speak a million words — or which simply shut you up. Some shake you to the core and some just leaves you with a feeling that you’ve never experienced before and perhaps never will again. Photography — that wordless medium of expression. Photography — that capture of a moment of reality that you might never have otherwise noticed. Photography — a medium that you’ll fall back on when words simply run out!

On the occasion of World Photography Day, I present a compilation of 14 photos that have presented to me a different facet of life, in either some obscure part of the world or somewhere quite familiar. The characters are supreme; the personal touch can warm your heart; the impersonal can horrify you; all of this will definitely imprint themselves on your mind.

Click on any of the photos to reveal a bigger version, alongwith a short description.

Author: Debjyoti Bardhan Google Profile for Debjyoti Bardhan
Is a science geek, currently pursuing some sort of a degree (called a PhD) in Physics at TIFR, Mumbai. An enthusiastic but useless amateur photographer, his most favourite activity is simply lazing around. He is interested in all things interesting and scientific.

Debjyoti Bardhan has written and can be contacted at debjyoti@techie-buzz.com.

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