World IPv6 Day Will Be Back This June, and It Will Be Here to Stay

At a time when IPv4 reserves are running scarce, IPv6 is the only way out. IPv4 reserves dropped to 5% in October 2010 and it has been more than a year since then. Clearly, many companies are already using IPv6 and as it seems, they are ready for the transition to IPv6. A number of Internet-giants gave IPv6 a trial on June 8 last year too, which helped them test their networks with IPv6 and gain some valuable insight.


We will know soon when Akamai, Facebook, Google and Yahoo will participate in the first global trial of IPv6 on June 8. With their distributed servers spread all over the world, these companies will form the ideal testing ground and will churn up some useful real-time data.

Following last year’s experiment, this year they are planning a World IPv6 day on June 6. However, they will not return to using IPv4 as they did last time this experiment was performed. Clearly, this is not a test; it is a transition. World IPv6 launch is being promoted through a website- World IPv6 Launch, which lists out all the participants and a link to their IPv6 page.

There are over 250 participants in this transition, majority of them being large website operators. Big brands like Cisco, Google (has already deployed IPv6 internally), Microsoft, Yahoo, Comcast, AT&T, Free, Time Warner Cable and D-Link are among the participants of this mega event, and it will be a turning point in the history of Internet. However, the participants in which you should take special interest are the ISPs, namely Comcast, Free Telecom, Time Warner Cable, AT&T, Free Telecom and Internode. At the end of the day, they are the ones serving Internet connections to every household in the nation.

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