The World Cup is the Hottest Thing on the Internet Right Now

As it turns out, the FIFA world cup 2010 has become the most popular web event in the history of the Internet. This event has turned the table in its favor and claimed this title beating president Obama’s Election Day victory. The official FIFA world cup website is now serving as many pageviews as Facebook and if we remember correctly, Facebook was competing with Google in the US a few days ago. That can help you estimate the magnitude of this overdrive.

Though, that is just one source of the FIFA buzz. It is all over Twitter, Facebook and other social networks as well. This makes FIFA world cup the hottest and the most happening thing on the Internet. Univision, which is managing live streaming of the matches claims that at least a quarter million people are watching matches online in U.S. and Puerto Rico. This includes desktop and mobile viewers.

Twitter users who are football fans at the same time, bring down a river of tweets updating regularly on the match proceedings. Twitter is having a hard time managing rates of 3000 tweets per second and has surrendered announcing that users should be ready for occasional downtimes.

Compare this to the last football world cup and you will see, how popular the Internet has become in the past few years. Readwriteweb has made a roundup of the driving factors behind this popularity.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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