WordPress Plugin Of The Year for 2008
By on December 25th, 2007

Well I have been working hard and hard enough to release a plugin I have been working on for quite sometime, how about I say I was working 2 months on it to make it perfect. This is something many users will find quite useful and I am terming it the plugin of the year but since I already released a plugin that was termed plugin of the year in 2007 I have decided to push the release to 2nd of January 2008.

Though I can’t tell you much about this plugin right now, I can tell you that it will be the plugin of the year :P. I always try to make life easy for people using WordPress and this along with the other 4 plugins I am releasing from January thru February will be few of the things that lack in WordPress and make your life more easier in certain categories.

Talking about plugins I will be releasing quite a few more throughout the year as I enjoy helping the community. Do let me know your annoyances with WordPress and I promise to turn almost everyone of them into plugins as much as I can try to do and time permits me.

This is to give back to the community that I most enjoy spending in and made more friends in. My mission is not over till there are possibilities to extend. I will try my best to give you back all your love and more.

Look forward to the plugin of next year ;) and few more…., BTW if you think that there are any ideas you think are missing in WordPress do let me know I can try and convert it and create a pluging that will make your WordPress life more easier and to top it you get credit in the plugin (only thing is don’t post it in the comment email me at keith [dot] techie [at] gmail [dot] com.

I may post very less till next year, though if there are any scape goats who want to beta test the plugin leave your comments in this post. Till that time miss me and enjoy the excellence of the family from Shankar Ganesh, K-InTheHouse, Silki and Aseem.

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