WordPress.com Sees A Massive Growth In 2010

According to latest statistics, WordPress.com now accounts for more than half of the WordPress blogs around the world including self-hosted blogs. This is an impressive rise and the massive increase in the number of WordPress.com blogs has happened only over the last year.

WordPress.com claim that pageviews for WordPress blogs were up 53% from 2009, which accounted for a total of 23 billion visits. Media uploads and individual blog posts were both doubled from 2009. However, the numbers to watch out for are mobile bloggers who have septupled at 1.4 million. With new and improved media capable cellphone coming out fast, this figure is on a definitive rise.

WordPress had 9 million blogs in 2009 and the figure has increased to 16 million now. That is an impressive 7 million new blogs in a year and an increase of nearly 78%. All these stats came in just when people were claiming that the end of blogging as a public platform is nearing. Blogging might have some metamorphosis but it is here to stay for a long time.

In language, English Spanish and Portuguese were the dominant languages popular amongst WordPress blog readers. With 500,000 posts made every day on an average, WordPress can be seen on any popular blog, be it TechCrunch, The NY Times or here on Techie Buzz and it is expected to grow this year too. For a comparison of WordPress and other blogging platforms, here is a comparative chart. The blue line is WordPress.com whereas the red line is the Blogger service from Google.


(Stats Via: TNW and WordPress)

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