WordPress.com Bids Goodbye to Internet Explorer 6

internet_explorer6_logoWordPress.com has finally joined the Kill Internet Explorerbandwagon.

I don’t remember when was the last time I used Internet Explorer 6, which is surely the most ugly browser built till date. If you read blogs, keep an eye on emerging technologies and trends, chances are that you hate Internet Explorer 6 as much as we do. On the flip side, if you’re reading this page from a never to upgradecomputer running Windows 98 or Windows XP, there is a high chance that you’re using Internet Explorer 6.

In recent months, a lot of sites (e.g YouTube) have been dropping support for Internet Explorer 6. The fact of the matter is that IE6’s rendering engine is half blind and it’s such a pain for developers and designers to fix browser compatibility of their websites, just because a portion of their users are still on IE6 and god knows whether they will upgrade to Windows 7 or use a different browser anytime soon.

WordPress.com has recently announced that they are ending support for Internet Explorer 6 with their slight redesign and performance improvements implemented on WordPress.com’s dashboard. The blogging platform says that it has required increasingly complex code trickery to make WordPress.com’s backend work in Internet Explorer 6, which does not support current web standards.

If you try to login to your blog’s administration area using Internet explorer 6, WordPress.com will let you in. It’s just that the features will appear broken and all the links won’t work the way they used to work before. Oh and you will also see a big red alert box, begging you to upgrade Internet Explorer 6 to it’s latest version.


Additionally, WordPress.com has introduced some new features as well as dropping older ones. The new dashboard loads faster and feels better, distracting icons are gone while a new distraction free write post panel being introduced.

According to the data from Microsoft’s own IE6 countdown website, 11.4% of web users are still using Internet Explorer 6, the highest user density being recorded near China, South Korea and Japan. The following chart shows a brief usage graph of IE6 from around the world:



It’s good to see more and more websites joining hands to drop support for Internet Explorer 6.   This helps everyone if you consider the bigger picture users can enjoy all the rich features of a modern browser while the devs can sleep well and avoid coding nightmares.

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  • Sadly, this doesn’t help those of us stuck working for companies (actually, councils) with IT departments so stuck in the stone ages that we are actually *prevented* from upgrading past IE6 due to bespoke software which won’t work on anything more recent. Our PCs are lumbered with it, and our Macs have Firefox 1.5 on them.

    Roll on summer and my contract ending. I hope I get somewhere with IT staff who don’t spend all day sitting around picking nits out of each other’s body hair next time.

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