WordPress 3.7 Will Come With Automatic, Background Updating

Today, blogging and content management software WordPress released the first beta for its upcoming 3.7 version of the software. Among several bug fixes and feature updates, the biggest apple in the bucket is the ability of the software to update itself – overnight, without any manual input.

wordpress-logoWordPress has had this feature since antiquity, but always via plugins. It is only now that the WordPress core can boast of it. “3.7 Beta 1 will keep itself updated. That’s right — you’ll be updated each night to the newest development build, and eventually to Beta 2. ” — says  Andrew Nacin, WordPress Lead Developer.

There will be situations where “WordPress can’t reliably and securely update itself” — Nacin mentions, and for these you’ll be alerted via email. The automatic updates will also work for official translations, in case you’re running WordPress in a language other than English.

The 3.7 Beta 1 for WordPress is nowhere near a complete, stable offering and you should be wary of installing it on websites you don’t want to risk the working of. In any case, if you’re one of the hard ones, the link to the beta is right here →

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