Woman Sues Google Over Bad Directions

With the advent of every new technology comes a variety of lawsuits. The “Walking Directions” feature of Google Maps is no different in this regard. When Lauren Rosenberg used her Google Maps on her BlackBerry to get walking directions, she claims she was misled to a busy highway and as a result hit by a car.

Lauren has sued both Google and the car driver Patrick Harwood for damages in excess of $100,000. Usually, when the “Walking Directions” feature is used at Google Maps, a warning message displays letting users know about the beta status of the feature and the potential of routes missing pedestrian paths. In other words, Google does a good job of warning users but apparently this is only limited to the web version of Google Maps and hasn’t made it yet to the iPhone/BlackBerry version.

Here is a detailed copy of the case filing.  This is yet another example where the plaintiff ended up relying more on the superficial guidance than her common sense. What would she have done if the bad directions were provided by another pedestrian or a gas station attendant, would she have filed lawsuits against them too? The scenario is no different than getting to a road block while following your GPS, do you sue your GPS company in that case or just take a detour?

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  • zothen

    This money grabbing idiot should be thrown out of court, and made to pay the amount they are claiming for, to a charity!

  • p3rr0s

    She should have opened her eyes before walking onto the highway instaed of blindly following the directions, truely stupid, and if the American Justice sytem awards her any damages then it is too

  • Noxedwin

    Let's see why Lauren is officially an idiot:

    A) Google Maps does clearly state that the pedestrian routefinder is in beta, and has said it for ages now.

    B) If she were more content to ignore the inevitable ***ROARING*** of busy traffic to stare at her BlackBerry, then she deserves to be hit by a car.

    Ba) Can I also point out that Google Maps kind of tells you when you're approaching a road? That means that you're expected to utilise your COMMON SENSE when approaching a road.

    C) A lot of routes will end up going through at least one road. I hardly see this as misleading anyway. That's like me saying that I want to go to the fridge to get a drink, and suing the appliance fitter for putting my fridge in the kitchen. It hardly follows sane logic.

    I hope this woman has to pay for every injury she sustained out of her (now fractured) back pocket, and doesn't get a single penny for her fraud.

    • Brian

      I totally agree. This women is like an ambulance chaser, a fraud. Our society today assumes NO responsibility for its own actions. Our court system has alot to be desired to allow this type of case to be filed. May she get what she really deserves.

  • Hugh

    A smart person NEVER puts hot coffee in their lap from a drive through fast food stop.

    You would think common sense would prevail when walking or driving.

    But it hasten been legislated yet.

  • Linda Hotaling

    How stupid!!!! Sidewalk vs Middle of Road??? Sidewalk less traffic!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Frank

    I hope this idiot woman dies of her injuries, and I hope it's a slow and painful death.

    • Noxedwin

      Well… Aren't we a bright ray of sunshine, Frank? *backs away cautiously*