Windows Vista Service Pack 1 to be released tomorrow

Amazon has begun offering users a chance to download Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) starting tomorrow. Microsoft had earlier announced plans to release the service pack by mid of March and seem to be on schedule.

Much of the patches and security upgrades bundled into the service pack 1 has already been made available to users via the Windows update service.

The service pack 1 will be available for download starting from tomorrow through the Windows update site and will eventually be delivered to users using the Windows Automatic Upgrade by mid of April.

Many testers have reported a slight performance improvement after using the service pack while copying files over a network and playing games that were originally not designed for Windows Vista.

There are a few applications that will be blocked from running due to reliability reasons, they include BitDefender Antivirus and Internet Security, version 10; Fujitsu’s Shock Sensor hard drive protection for rugged laptops; two versions of Jiangmin KV Antivirus software and Check Point Technologies’ Zone Alarm Security Suite.

There are few other applications like Iron Speed Designer which will not be working with Windows Vista Service Pack 1.

It is advisable you check compatibility problems with programs you are running before installing the service pack and wait for the original manufacturer to fix issues so that you can have a graceful upgrade.

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