Windows Live Messenger 9.0 Beta First Looks

I have been a beta participant in Microsoft Products and was also invited as a part of the closed beta to test out the new Windows Live Messenger 9.0 beta. Here are my views about the latest version of Windows Live Messenger.

Major changes that were rolled out with Windows Live Messenger 9.0

Sign In to Messenger From Multiple PCs

The Windows Live Messenger 9.0 allows you to sign into multiple PCs at the same time. You can sign into up to 4 PCs at the same time.

My 2 cents

Though I see this as a good feature I still cannot understand why one would want to sign in from multiple locations with the same ID. This could be useful though if you want to sign in into your cell phone as well as on your PC at the same time.

Use Custom Sounds While Signing In

This feature allows you to pick your own personal sound that your contacts will hear when you sign into Messenger. Again only works when the other person is also using Messenger 9.0.

My 2 cents

Looks like a great feature to me to use your own sounds but It could turn out to be the most irritating feature too if users decide too use loud or vulgar sounds while signing in. Imagine one of your pals having a NSFW type of sounds to alert he is online and you have a presentation going on with Messenger on.

Pick Different Sounds For Different Contacts

This feature allows you to assign different sounds for different contacts when they send you a message allowing you easily know who is sending you a message. You do not require the contact to have Windows Live Messenger 9.0 beta since this tweak works on your own computer.

My 2 cents

Quite a useful feature if you want to know someone is signing in even when your not near your PC. I used to use this feature to distinguish callers on my old Nokia phone and it was pretty handy as I could simply ignore calls outside my known list without even looking at the number.

Spam Message Reporting

If you receive any unsolicited messages you can easily block them using the new reporting tool. This data will be used by the messenger servers to put restriction on the spammer accounts.

My 2 Cents

I am not a heavy MSN messenger user so have not seen any spam messages coming my way. Of course I have had horrendous experiences with Windows Live Messegner 9.0 Beta, Live Messenger, Windows Live