Windows Beating Linux 2 to 1 in Enterprise Servers Segment

Linux no doubt powers millions of servers across the world, however, it might come out as a surprise to many of you that Windows is ahead of Linux in the Enterprise server segment.

A recent data analysis by the folks at Royal Pingdom, shows that Windows is the preferred enterprise server and beats Linux 2 to 1.


However, this may not be actual data and only form a part of the actual scenario. The information was collected by Symantec sponsored survey where 1,780 enterprises were surveyed across 26 countries. The survey included small, medium-sized and large enterprises from a wide variety of industries. The companies who were surveyed had 1000 or more employees.

What do you think? Do you have more Windows servers than NIX* boxes as servers at the place that you work at? Do let us know through your comments.

Image Source: Royal Pingdom

One thought on “Windows Beating Linux 2 to 1 in Enterprise Servers Segment”

  1. We have more Windows servers at our company for sure, however this is not because we prefer Windows, but simply because we find that Windows servers can only really handle a single instance of our key (Windows only) application per box. Our Linux servers on the other hand run with much higher workloads per box. Windows ends up costing us a lot more money for hardware, licenses, and warm bodies to manage them. At the moment we are investigating the migration of our Windows hardware over to virtual machines running on dedicated Linux boxes in order to try to reduce the cost of our Windows infrastructure.

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