Windows 7 To Be Released On October 22nd 2009

The release date for has been finally confirmed, users will be able to buy or upgrade their systems starting October 22nd 2009, we believe that Microsoft may also release Office 2010 around the same date, considering a Technical preview is coming out early July.

Considering the features available in Windows 7, many users who have been using may go for a upgrade, however it would be interesting to see how many copies they eventually sell.

Windows Vista was almost a big failure and Microsoft would definitely hope that Windows 7 would do much much better.

Would you be buying a copy of Windows 7 when it comes out?

2 thoughts on “Windows 7 To Be Released On October 22nd 2009”

  1. Maybe.. I already have Windows Vista Ultimate (that I got for free) but I’m loving Windows 7 speed and stability so far

    Although feature wise, I don’t see much difference in terms of a user’s point of view

  2. i really like windows 7 so far. even thou vista is not as bad as its image. but i will upgrade is soom as 7 is out. but still its not a really new windows and just a grat grat update.

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