Windows 7 Now Most Used OS in United States

I have used almost each and every variant of Microsoft Windows including MS DOS, Windows 95 and Windows 98. However, two of the standout operating systems from Microsoft have been Windows XP and . was an ok OS too, but it did have a lot of problems.

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Windows XP was launched in August 2001, however, it still commands a huge market share in the PC market. Windows 7 though has been the fastest selling OS in history with it selling over 150 million copies in a very short time.

Ironically, Windows 7 did not compete with Windows Vista for market share, but did it with a 10 year old OS in the form of Windows XP. The reason being that many corporates are not yet ready to switch from Windows XP. I still find that many offices continue to use Windows XP as their primary operating system.

Windows 7 Top Operating System

Microsoft though will be happy with the news that Windows 7 has finally managed to take over Windows XP as the top Windows operating system in United States. This data was generated through reports from StatCounter by Royal Pingdom for visitors to over 3 million websites.

Windows 7 now has a marginal advantage over Windows XP in U.S. This is bound to grow in future with more users buying new laptops and desktop PCs and dumping their older ones. Also, most of the newer Windows based tablets run some variants of Windows 7, so that might add to this number in future.

Overall, Windows XP has definitely been one of the best operating system from Microsoft. The fact that it still holds more than 31% of the market share after 10 years says a lot about it.

Microsoft has been mulling to remove support for Windows XP for a long time now, but they still continue to support it. However, Microsoft has been culling off major software support for the OS by not adding XP support for Windows Live Wave 4  and Internet Explorer 9. However, Windows XP still continues to dominate the operating system wars. Unlike IE6, this baby is a long way from becoming extinct.

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  • its so bad to hear that linux share in US is not even 1%.I think some thing is wrong with statistics.

    • anonymous

      I agree. Linux servers do much of the behind-the-scenes work that the average person has no idea about. That number should be bigger.

  • anonymous

    Windows 7 is just like Vista rehashed. Full of gimmicks and fancy tricks. Aero Snap? There’s a far better version in XP called Tile Horizontally or Tile Vertically that isn’t limited to arranging just two windows but any number you select. There are many good useful features of XP removed and broken in Windows 7. The file manager, Windows Explorer was utterly destroyed in Vista and becomes worse in Windows 7. Poor usability. See and . Unnecessary GUI changes. Vista was innonative but horrible usability wise and removed things. Windows 7 is Vista with few new features and again many features removed and fancy gimmicks and shiny graphics added. People’s mentality gotta change. Old does not mean it stops working or degrades over time. Microsoft succeeds once again with forced obsolescence.

  • If it ain’t broke, why fix it? Windows XP will still remain especially for offices that just do data entry job. They don’t need the latest and fastest hardware, so they don’t need a new OS. If I just use my laptop for internet surfing, I will just stick to Windows XP. I don’t care about IE9, so no harm there. There are lots of better option when it comes to browser.

    • 5 Point TS and Repair

      I think the stats are wrong as far as Windows 7 being the number one OS. If it is that way its because it was forced onto the people that want a new computer because I like so many other people still use WXP. If they stopped support on it, then why is there are so many updates for it as of this writing?
      As for W7, its only eye candy and that’s not good as far as functionality because there are systems and software that still not supported by W7 nor could u find drivers for them to work. But you can find every driver u need for WXP and that’s why so many people and businesses still use it and will continue to use it until it cant be used anymore.
      Now for Linux, someone said that they’re surprised that the stat isn’t much higher. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? you must have forgotten that Linux does not cater to the everyday computer user NOT EVEN UBUNTU. Linux is only for hardcore tech heads and until the day comes where Linux is easier to use for EVERYBODY, it will always be the number 3 OS( oh I’m sorry, series of distros)