Windows 7 Final RTM Leaks? Should You Care?

There are leaks and there are leaks, but should you really care about them? Should you download them, should you use them? Should you even bother to download them?

and all their releases have been leaked on the internet, thanks to spurious testers who leak their test copies, however there is no guarantee that these copies are not spiced up with some really nice worms to infect you, as soon as you install a copy.

There is a small buzz going around now that Windows 7 Build 7600.16386 is the final version that will be the RTM version, but why would you care about a RTM, it is a aka for Release to Manufacturing, so unless you are a manufacturer, it will be useless to you, since the licensing will not be available for a longer time, and the OS will eventually die out on you.

So as far as we can say, stay away from these leaks, most of the copies you download are time bombs waiting to explode either by hackers stealing information from you or by the OS itself bricking.

The choice is yours, but we would love to know if you would download a leaked RTM, if yes why and if not why? Do tell us about it.

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