Windows 7 is the Fastest Selling OS in the History

Windows-7-Fastest-Selling-OSIt’s no secret that Windows 7 has been doing well, really well. It has been appreciated by the pundits as well as common users. Craig Beilinson – the Director of Marketing for Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division, has now revealed that Windows 7 is in fact the fastest selling operating system in the history.

Craig didn’t provide any concrete facts to back his claims. However, this is not at all surprising. Dropping prices have made the PC more ubiquitous than ever and Windows 7 sales have been high ever since it was launched. PC sales increased by nearly 50% in the week Windows 7 was launched. First week of sales had also revealed that, Windows 7 had outperformed Vista by 234%. PC sales during the Black Friday were 63% higher than last year, while PC sales during the holiday season saw a 50% year-to-year increase. Windows 7 has also been climbing steadily in the Net Application OS market share report.

Windows 7 launch provided Microsoft a much needed shot in the arm and helped them recover from the Vista debacle. According to Beilinson, Windows 7 is being used in 14,000 devices besides being available in 1,400 PCs. In spite of renewed competition a number of Windows 7 notebooks, netbooks and tablet PCs will be launched in the coming months.

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