Winamp Database Hacked, Account Information Exposed

The latest target of hackers , after the whole Gawker Media Fiasco, is the Winamp Forums. Hours ago, general manager of Winamp announced that an attack had been detected and blocked targeted towards Winamp Forums database. Winamp, which is owned by Aol, claims that no information other than email addresses were exposed but is still encouraging the users to change their passwords. If you are one of the users, we also recommend you change your password on any other accounts that share the same password.

Sister sites like, dev.winamp,com and Winamp Desktop Media Player were not affected. Additional measures are currently being taken to make the site more secure and protect from similar attacks in the future. Even though, the attach was detected before further damage could be done, the incident shows how vulnerable websites are in today’s age even if they are owned by internet giants like Aol.

[Via DownloadSquad]

One thought on “Winamp Database Hacked, Account Information Exposed”

  1. I haven’t used the WinAmp site or forum since 2003. I don’t even know what my password was. I’m not even worried about it.

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