Will Nokia Make the First Windows Phone 8 Device?

Nokia has had a very disappointing quarter in terms of earnings. It lost nearly $1 billion in Q2 2012, on revenue of around $9.3 billion. While it sold 4 million Lumia units, it still lags way behind the top Android manufacturers like Samsung, as well as Apple.

In the post-earnings conference call, he may have hinted that Nokia may be the first handset maker to build and launch a Windows Phone 8 device, given its close ties with Microsoft.

When asked about it, Elop didn’t say yes directly, but he did say that Windows Phone 8 has been demonstrated only on a Nokia device to date, and that they have a very close relationship with Microsoft, which is unlike what anyone else has.

Nokia has every reason to be pissed at Microsoft, since it has committed to Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform exclusively, but Microsoft is apparently planning to launch its own smartphone, just like it launched the Surface tablet.

Its current Lumia handset sales might even take a hit since Microsoft announced that the current generation Windows Phones won’t be upgradeable to Windows Phone 8.

However, if Nokia is the first device maker to launch a Windows Phone 8 device, that could give it a major advantage over the other makers, and could help it boost device sales.

In the call, Elop also stated that Nokia will continue to sell Windows Phone 7 devices even after the launch of Windows Phone 8, but position them in the budget segment to compete with low end Android phones.

via TechCrunch

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