WikiLeaks Sources: P2P Searches, Hackers and Insiders

WikiLeaks has turned the world politics upside down over the last three months and has gathered a lot of attention. However, more often it is doing a mere job of putting together content aggregated from submissions and other sources rather than getting it off insiders as it appeared earlier.


Apparently, illegal music files and video are not the only things that are flowing through P2P networks. Tiversa, a Pennsylvania peer-to-peer investigations firm has supplied the US government with information relating to the use of P2P by WikiLeaks.

Tiversa has claimed that it has monitored key computers used by WikiLeaks and has found a number of searches conducted by them on P2P networks. Wired reports this saying,

Tiversa asserts that on Feb. 7, 2009 it monitored four computers based in Sweden, where WikiLeaks’ primary servers were based, as they conducted 413 searches on peer-to-peer networks seeking Microsoft Excel files and other data-heavy documents, some of which were subsequently published online by WikiLeaks.

Before this, WikiLeaks also has its data off the TOR network with help from Chinese hackers. The Chinese hackers who contributed to WikiLeaks had led Assange to claim that it held a million documents just before the he founded the website. To make the files harder to trace, their names were changed as most of the data on P2P is accessed through searches.

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