WikiLeaks Shifts Server to Amazon EC2, Keeps Leaked Content Safely Hidden Away

WikiLeaks is the word of the town and it has already done enough damage that Julian Assange seriously needs to watch which borders he is crossing. Additionally, the WikiLeaks website has to take some safeguard measures against hack attempts.

Addressing this exact problem, the WikiLeaks website has been moved to the Amazon EC2 server, which is a cloud-based hosting service from Amazon. Amazon is the symbol of America’s success over the Internet. This move will create quite some trouble for the government because not all Amazon servers are located in America. Further, any attempt to bring down the website directly will only bring the government more embarrassment. However, the Government is already ┬álibel-proof and should not make official attempts to bring down WikiLeaks.

EC2 is a pay as you use hosting service and this will provide WikiLeaks enough of bandwidth to stand a DDoS hack attack. The media content from the leaks are hosted simultaneously in anther French server managed by Octopuce, a French company. Therefore, the government has no use taking down the Amazon hosted website, as the files will still be available.

This whole matter will definitely work as some good advertisement for Amazon’s classic EC2 servers.


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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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