Biggest WikiLeaks Leak Pre-Released On Twitter

WikiLeaks has created quite a buzz with its releases and busting governments and agencies. It was scheduled to make its biggest release event tomorrow. However, someone stole its thunder by making a pre-release of the scheduled release on Twitter. However, the fact to be noted is that, this pre-release was not made by a person. A reader of the Der Speigel magazine simply pointed out on Twitter that the latest copy of the Der Spiegel magazine includes a possible part of the leak.

As it turns out, Der Spiegel is the same German magazine that is spreading the word about this leak. As far as the seriousness of the leak is concerned, readers of the magazine have tweeted their disappointment in the release. The videos take a hit at Italian, Iranian and other German leaders, however, none of it is worth the outcry.

WikiLeaks was supposed to make the release with The New York Times, the Guardian and Der Spiegel but as it seems, Der Spiegel did not care for the embargo and published it before the source. With a DDOS underway on WikiLeaks, the whole matter is gathering quite some attention. The timely pre-release by Der Spiegel will work well towards initiating the tension for the Government.

Der Spiegel magazine copies have a cache of 250,000 confidential cables each and it is quite and eye candy for anyone following the matter closely.

Update: NYT broke the embargo and released the documents. Read them here and The Guardian followed.


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