Is WikiLeaks Expecting a Nuke Attack? This Bunker Webhost Looks Like It

What’s with the new and super-protection facility WikiLeaks has moved to? Word is, it is a bunker inside the Pionen White Mountains in Sweden that can withstand a nuclear attack.

After being thrown out of PRG and Amazon, hosting WikiLeaks is a big issue as it is under constant attacks. On one hand, there is sheer political pressure and on the other hand, there are these hack attacks. Every hosting provider will plummet under these two. In the midst of this, Swedish  Bahnhof has decided to host WikiLeaks and you can have a look inside the facility here.

There is only another nuclear bunker in the world that can host websites, the CyberBunker in the Netherlands. Both these bunkers were built by the military to house sensitive electronic equipment and this is perfect for rouges like WikiLeaks and The Pirate Bay.

Someone in the Cold-war era thought this up and today, after almost 20 years, it is serving an alternate purpose of cyber-warfare against the very same government. Surely, as a blast from the past, Bahnhof is still as cool as it used to be once.


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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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